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What Is A Rip Rap Seawall?

You see yourself sinking. No quite literally you see the land you own sinking, the soil and sediment crumbling away month by month, year by year. Or maybe after a severe storm your water-front yard has severely shrunk overnight, the shoreline now uncomfortably close to your home or place of business. As panic-inducing as this may be Florida Landscape & Irrigation has a permanent solution for you. Otherwise known as a rip rap seawall.

A rip rap seawall is a collection of varying-sized rocks along your shoreline to solidify and strengthen it as a boundary. In comparison to other types of seawalls these have a multitude of benefits including:

  • Decreasing shoreline EROSION
  • Increasing property value
  • Protecting your home in a stable and eco-friendly manner

This type of seawall, also known as rock armor, shot rock, or rubble, effectively stabilizes and strengthens your shoreline. It’s your defense system against erosion, a process where sediment is worn away by the elements leading to possible flooding and severe property damage.

The Benefits Of Rip Rap Seawalls

Erosion Control

Rip rap seawalls are best known for being energy dissipaters versus deflectors in the fight against erosion. In other words, they absorb the energy that is brought by incoming waves instead of sending it off elsewhere. This is due to their composition of strategically placed rocks. Such placement allows them to better defend your shoreline against currents, watercraft wakes, high winds, and more.


If you have a soft spot for marine life then riprap seawalls are the way to go when strengthening your shoreline. They work to support them and provide thriving habitats all while protecting your own home. Due to their composition of irregularly sized rocks organisms and plant life are able to find shelter within the wall’s crevices. The small sea creatures are also able to nest or build homes in the safety of this organic barrier.

Enhance Property Value

Other types of seawalls are generally structured as flat eyesores prone to degradation. Rip rap seawalls on the other hand have the potential to increase your property value. Being composed of organic material they harmonize with the outdoors working to amplify your property’s appearance. In other words, they add beauty, an important aspect for a sense of serenity to any home or place of business. In addition, having aesthetic appeal on your property is great for future tenants if you ever choose to sell. This makes them a substantial and beneficial investment.

Easy Maintenance

Rip rap seawalls are not only beautiful and practical but offer easy maintenance as well. Generally, they require only a brief annual checkup. Other types of seawalls are more prone to widespread damage and are much more difficult and expensive to fix.

For instance, rust, rot, or termite damage that affects steel or wood seawalls tends to spread. This means entire sections may need replacing through cutting or pricey welding. The same goes for vinyl seawalls which can contort or deform extensively under certain weather or age.

However, individual rocks make up rip rap seawalls. Meaning you simply need to replace the one or few rocks that suffer damage. This is usually only after hazardous weather such as an aggressive storm or heavy amounts of snow or ice. In other words, they stand the test of time and any needed replacement or fixes are isolated to a specific spot.

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For anyone who calls the shores of Florida home you know the daily battle with erosion that’s fought every day. It’s frightening when the safety of your valuables and your land becomes at risk. Without a strong stable shoreline water leaks and flooding that can get inside your home is a real concern.

However, with rip rap seawalls installed by our experts at Florida Landscape & Irrigation, you can finally let all those fears melt away. We provide quality service and client satisfaction guaranteed to give you the ultimate sense of security. Don’t wait to enjoy your property to its fullest potential and call today for your quote.

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